Your Skills are Your Biggest Assets

February 1st, 2010 (Guest) Leave a comment
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Your Skills

2009 has obviously been a tough year for many folks that either lost their job or have seen their salaries reduced by X percent. Several friends of mine and people I used to work with in the past, have gone through this and it was hard to swallow. It’s a terrible feeling that can de-motivate you and take back the confidence level you’ve obtained over the years of your hard work. For some, it’s a feeling of being cheated and discarded. After giving 100% of yourself to the business (or at least that’s what you thought!) you’re being asked to leave!

As years pass by, you realize, that the job that you have just lost is not your most valuable asset! Instead it’s the experience and skills that you’ve obtained at that job and all the things you are able to carry away and build upon in your next opportunity! That is the only thing that matters! It is all about what you have to offer that people will pay big bucks for. It is all about building a value in yourself, specifically your skills and experience. US unemployment rate has been at 10% this year, however not for those folks with substantial skill set that is so valuable for many businesses, who even in today’s over saturated labor market are not able to fill the openings.

As I ran into this article “They are hiring!” a while ago on CNN Money, Max Levchin, Slide Founder being asked what openings are they currently hiring for, says: “We are always short great product managers and designers. We are rarely limited by our demand, but rather by the available supply of awesome people in the job market.”

If you could only worry about building a value in yourself, day in and day out, this could be the only worry you will ever have in your professional career!

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