Why I Use Drupal as a CMS

March 1st, 2011 (Guest) Leave a comment
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People often ask me why I choose Drupal as a publishing platform for my clients. The first and most important reason I can think of is the flexibility and ease of adding complex features to the site without programming.

Just a few years ago it would have taken weeks of programming to add a feature like “User Relationships” or “Workflow” to a Website. Creating the specifications for such a feature would take hours, possibly days of time and energy, and in many cases a client may not know exactly what functions they want before the site is built. Drupal removes the mystery and within minutes you can install a module and the client can get a hands on look at it.

One of the most exciting things about Drupal is the ever growing vibrant community of designers and developers that voluntarily work on the Drupal core code and contributed modules because the love it and because they actually use Drupal. There is no joy like meeting people that actually use the code they work on all day/night. Nothing sadder than seeing a room full of coders that never use the applications they develop for clients.

Drupal is also the best insurance that you will be ready when you get requests for new features. The contributed modules are a treasure trove of nearly every feature you could want. The icing on the cake is that modules are not that difficult to create. There are tutorials and step by step instructions detailing how to configure and get the best response from most popular modules if you Google around. The Drupal.org site is a great place to start when searching for modules, you can get a good idea of the dedication the community has and the collaborative creativity which goes into the software.

The invention and creation of newer and superior technology is so rapid today that developers need to be within a network of technically savvy software communities. Your investment in a Website should be viable for the future – not obsolete within a few months.

Some of the most important aspects of building a Website or a community are the abilities to have:

  • New Features
  • Reports and Statistics
  • Customization
  • Rapid development and deployment – the list goes on

Whatever the task, odds are that Drupal can handle it, or a new module can be created or an existing one can be customized to handle it. Not too long ago, this kind of in depth interactivity would cost many thousands of dollars and take many months to achieve, perhaps even requiring a team of developers.

So, I choose Drupal because it is a full featured fully customizable freely available open source framework, structured in a way that allows me to create interactive communities, while being a part of one.

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About Micky Metts

Micky helps small businesses and entrepreneurs create and maintain Websites, using Drupal. She provides freelance Drupal Administrator/Developer services for individuals and small companies. Drupal is a CMS - content management system. Micky has been involved with the Drupal community since 2006 and has created Websites for clients while teaching them how to update and maintain their sites. She began teaching Drupal Basics and Introduction to Drupal in 2008 to clients, and found that there was a need to get this information out to a larger audience - anyone that has a message, a product or a service. Self publishing is the future. LearnComputer is proud to have Micky as our Drupal training instructor.