Why Android Training Is Still Key To A Big Bucks Job

April 5th, 2013 Leave a comment
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 Android Training Is Still Key

“What is the most profitable training route for a programmer to take?”

It’s a question that’s often asked of teachers and recruiters everywhere. New programmers (and often experienced ones looking to learn something new) are sometimes paralyzed by choice, and they’re looking for someone with experience in the field they’re branching into that can tell them what skill set will make them attractive to potential employers- or nudge existing employers to give them a raise or promotion. Naturally, you’ll often hear all sorts of suggestions put forward- everything from embedded programming to legacy compatibility and web development will be offered up as attractive, lucrative avenues for study.

What often isn’t mentioned, however, is Android training. For whatever reason, a stigma still surrounds Android programming: many managers and older programmers seem to look down upon as a hobby or, at best, an add-in to a particular service their company or organization is offering. For whatever reason, managers and executives seem to think that Android won’t make in-roads into the business and corporate environment- despite the fact that it already has, in addition to its sizable representation in the personal consumer market.

A new study by Avanade, a software and consulting company, has revealed that while managers and CEOs have been resistant to introducing Android into the workplace, organizations that have allowed the smartphones in have experienced a 37% increase in employee morale as well as “a greater emphasis on creativity and greater ability to solve problems.” Since this is the case, many more managers and executives are going to look closely at their smartphone device policies- and it’s almost surely going to result in more Android devices in the workplace. That means that more and more organizations are going to need Android developers to write apps that will help employees interface with proprietary in-house technologies.

Businesses ought to be looking at Android developers for client-side relationships, as well: from online banking to advertising platforms, users are clamoring for Android native apps that allow them to seamlessly and easily access their information while on the go. This means there’s going to be a definite upswing in Android developer hiring as more and more businesses realize how important this market sector is to their overall ROI and start hiring Android developers to give their customers what they want.

The bottom line is this: Android has claimed the majority of the personal smartphone sector, and it’s looking like increasing productivity and employee morale will help it to gain sufficient market penetration into the business and corporate sector as well. If you’re not trained in Android programming, you’re going to miss out on these opportunities as they arise in the next few months: don’t let them pass you by.

LearnComputer offers Android programming training in a variety of different niches and topics for a variety of different skill levels. Whether you’re a programmer learning Android or an Android developer looking to specialize and hone your skills, make sure to enroll in one of our classes today. Our training will give you the experience and expertise you need to write Android programs that will help your organization as well as land you a big bucks job with a big corporation that’s looking to get more Android programmers into the door!

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