What’s Next for Twitter?

March 2nd, 2010 (Guest) Leave a comment
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Twitter Bird

I am not a big Twitter fan and in fact wasn’t taking them seriously from the very beginning. The idea of letting people know what are you doing right now just never made sense to me, and yet here we are – at one of the vendor conferences in San Francisco last week, one of the Twitter folks declared they finally building their own data center. They’ve been hosting their services with someone else up till now. That’s great news! Who would have thought that the dumbest business idea could attract millions of unique visitors and grow the audience ten-fold during only a couple of years!

Yet what remains to be seen is how Tweeter is going to monetize their user base and start generating revenue. Unlike other social networks, Twitter has never relied on targeted ad-programs and yet they remain afloat. So what’s next for Twitter and what are the potential revenue streams? Is it advertising, subscriptions, SMS fees, …?

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