Virtual Machine Performance – The Art and Science!


Virtual Machine Performance

I belong to several forums, and an issue I always hear is of Virtual Machines that have poor performance. What I’ve found through years of study and practice, it’s possible to actually get really good performance out of a Virtual Machine. It’s as much art, as science, and involves knowing how to fine tune the host and the VM to get the very best performance you can. In this course, I will show you how to pre-plan for best performance, and show the tweaks to make to get the most out of your machines.


2 hours


  • Laying the perfect foundation – It’s all about the host!
  • Pre-Planning for the Virtual Machine – The 6GP Principal!
  • Fine tuning the VM – Be a Virtual Mozart
  • Built in tools – Things you might not know anything about.


Richard Muniz

Richard Muniz, the Founder of RJM Computer Consulting LLC, is a 15 year veteran in Systems Administration with experience ranging from Windows Administration to Virtualization to Security to Disaster Planning and Recovery and Cisco routing. A former detective and science major, Richard brings the ability to ask questions and to find answers in his field. Richard has several industry certifications and is also a teacher, having taught computer application courses for FEMA and the Colorado Fire Marshals office. He is as also an online teacher for Saisoft in California.

In his own words, “The first time I was ever hired to do a job regarding virtualization, I had to admit that I knew nothing about it. What surprised me was that neither did anyone else. Over the course of the next 6 years, I found myself right at the forefront, building VMware ESX servers, hosting dozens of machines, working with storage, and virtualization of entire domains. Then I found myself teaching what I’d learned to dozens of students, oftentimes passing on lessons learned in the trenches, and teaching how to overcome issues, and improvise solutions. What I bring has nothing to do with theory; it has everything to do with getting the job done right.”