Networking Fundamentals


Computer Networking

Ever wondered – how the Internet really works? What happens behind the scenes when surfing Web pages and sending e-mail? What makes up a message and how does it find its way to the destination? If so – welcome to the exciting world of networking! In this webinar we will cover the basics of internetworking and discuss what it is all about in general terms. We will cover main network technologies and concepts that power the Internet: Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model as a solid foundation to build your networking skills upon, TCP/IP concepts and IP addressing.


2 hours


This webinar is for aspiring professionals interested in learning about basic networking concepts and technologies that power the Internet.


Boris Tulman

Boris Tulman is a ten-year veteran in Networking and Network Management Systems, with professional experience designing and implementing different network technologies in ISP, e-commerce and social networking site environments. Boris holds M.S. in Software Engineering from San Jose State University, B.S. in Computer Science from San Francisco State University, and numerous industry certifications.