Linux for Fun and Profit


Linux for Fun and Profit

This webinar is a brief introduction to the fast growing areas of Linux development: from smart phones to tablets and mini-appliances, like navigational GPS systems, picture frames or ebook readers, showing up everyday in our lives…


1.5 hours


In this webinar we will cover:

  • What is Linux?
  • Who wrote it and why?
  • How to “run” it or install it?
  • Where is it being used today?
  • Why are large corporations using it?
  • Who will benefit at the end?
  • What can I do for fun or profit?


Adrian Mikeliunas Adrian Mikeliunas, Consulting Manager, AT&T

Adrian has been a Linux fan since 1995, and has learned the fun and profitable ways of Linux. He created many interesting Linux and Open Source projects at the World Bank, still in use today. International speaker, published author and Information Security Specialist, currently employed by AT&T Consulting.