Introduction to Drupal


Introduction to Drupal webinar will cover:

  • The Drupal overview
  • Is Drupal the right choice for my project?
  • General Drupal concepts and terminology
  • Drupal Hosting requirements – what do you need on your server?
  • Installing Drupal on your server – basic settings and configurations
  • The 10 most useful Modules
  • Meet the Drupal Community – Support, Help and Tutoring
  • Things you did not know Drupal could do!


1 hour


This webinar is designed for anyone who has never worked with Drupal before and is considering using Drupal as their content management system (CMS) or a website back-end. Basic familiarity of Drupal is always helpful to facilitate a lively discussion, but is not required for this class.


During this Webinar, you will learn some of the key elements of Drupal and how to navigate within the Admin screens. You will also learn about the most helpful modules for users and for administrators. You will also learn about the friendly and active Drupal community and how it can work with you! At the conclusion of this Webinar, you should be able to choose the best Web host and install Drupal on your server.


Michele Metts

Micky Metts, Founder and CEO, DrupalConnection

I used to work from 9-5 in the corporate dot-com world. Now I choose to help small businesses and entrepreneurs create and maintain Web sites, using Drupal a FREE software package. I act as a freelance developer for individuals and small companies using Drupal (the same platform used by, Sony and MTV,) as a CMS – content management system. I have been involved with the Drupal community since 2006. Drupal has allowed me to create Websites for my clients and teach them how to update and maintain them. I started teaching Drupal Basics and Introduction to Drupal in 2008 to my clients, and found that there was a need to get this information out to a larger audience.