Web Services Training Courses

Web service refers to a means of communication between devices over the web. Most recently, web services have been synonymous with REST, or Representational State Transfer, an architectural style that defines how Web standards, such as HTTP and URIs, are being used to effectively transmit information. We offer both intro web services training as well as advanced hands-on web service design courses. Our courses cover best practices as well as latest open-source technologies that streamline the design and development of web services.

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Web Services Architecture Training Course

A 2-day Web Services architecture training course that establishes design principles behind the web service communications. Introduces the two schools of thought in developing web services: the traditional, standards-based approach using SOAP and WSDL and a more recent and popular approach using REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural style. The majority of the course focuses on the REST based web services. The course covers design considerations, best practices, implementation examples, documentation, and management of web services across the enterprise.