Ruby on Rails Fast Track Training Course


ruby on rails

Ruby on Rails Fast Track is an accelerated course that combines the fun of web development with learning Ruby on Rails (RoR), the hottest Ruby framework today. According to, Ruby on Rails is:

Web development that doesn’t hurt.

Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that’s optimized for developer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. This training course offers an accelerated instruction to give you all the tools you need to become a proficient RoR programmer in less time. The course includes a multitude of hands-on lab assignments that lead you through the material.


2 days

Course Objectives

By the completion of the Ruby on Rails Fast Track training course you should be able to:

  • Setup and configure Ruby development and execution environment
  • Write basic Ruby programs
  • Setup Ruby on Rails, and use Ruby package manager
  • Understand the RoR architecture and advanced Rails Routing
  • Understand Ruby on Rails Model-View-Controller (MVC) concept
  • Be comfortable working with each RoR MVC layers
  • Be comfortable creating templates with ERB
  • Understand ways of standardizing web forms using RoR Form builders
  • Configure and manage databases with migrations using rake
  • Have a basic understanding of source control using Git/Github
  • Understand development and deployment to cloud (Heroku)


This course is designed to be effective for beginners and intermediate level programmers. No prior experience using Ruby is assumed but is definitely helpful. For a more in-depth introduction to Ruby we recommend enrolling in our Ruby Fundamentals Training Course prior to taking this class. This is a fast track Rails on Ruby training. Some experience with Web development concepts and other scripting or programming language is a definite plus. And instructor can calibrate student’s expectations during the class, depending on the audience size.


This course assumes no previous experience with Ruby or Ruby on Rails. Knowledge of another programming language, web framework, and HTML is recommended. Understanding fundamental concepts of the Model-View-Controller (MVC) paradigm is a definite plus.


Introduction to Ruby Programming Language

  • Essential Ruby for Rails
  • Ruby syntax and constructs
  • Variables, methods
  • Logic and control
  • Classes and Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts
  • Lab Assignment: Scripting with Ruby

Introduction to Ruby on Rails Framework

  • Why Ruby on Rails (RoR)
  • Ruby on Rails development environment setup
  • Lab Assignment: My first Rails application

Ruby on Rails User Interface (UI) Components

  • Styling with CSS
  • Layout definition
  • Templating with ERB
  • Lab Assignment: Prototyping with Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Model-View-Controller (MVC) Foundation

  • MVC, Controller centric framework
  • Convention over configuration
  • Routing, View, Model
  • Lab Assignment: Prototyping with Ruby on Rails (cont.)

Ruby on Rails Application flow and Database Handling

  • Overview of Application flow
  • Model – all about data
  • Connecting to database
  • Lab Assignment: Examine the Data schema

Data Migration

  • Data Migration with rake
  • Lab Assignment: Database migration exercise

RoR Scaffolding

  • Prototyping with scaffolding
  • RESTful controllers
  • Manage data with CRUD

Streamlining Web Forms with RoR

  • Busy forms
  • Going through the Helper methods
  • Lab Assignment: Update the application view

Data Validation

  • Sanitize Model
  • Model validation
  • Regular expression
  • Lab Assignment: Implement validation scheme

RoR Form Builders and Form tricks

  • Improving Forms
  • Form with upload
  • Standardizing with Form builders
  • Lab Assignment: Improve the application with FormBuilder


  • Model: Relationships between
  • One-to-one, One-to-many
  • Lab Assignment: Build a complete application

Testing and Debugging RoR Code

  • Debugging
  • Testing
  • Lab Assignment: Install gem debugger and unit test an RoR application

Sessions and User Authentication/Authorization

  • Sessions, cookies
  • Users and Authentication
  • Lab Assignment: Protect an application with authorization

Source Control with Git/Github

Extra material: Javascript, HTML5, CSS3