Software Quality Assurance Training Courses

Software development, like any complex, multi-faceted discipline, involves a myriad of stages, each with its own set of risks. The risks are both technical and programmatic and range from usability to cost-assessment. quality assurance is an integral part of the overall software development life cycle that aims to mitigate these risks. Our Software QA training category keeps up with the industry by offering up-to-date courses in Fundamentals of Software Testing, Mobile Application Testing, Selenium, and Big Data testing.

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Selenium Bootcamp Training Course

Selenium Bootcamp is a 3-day training course that begins with an introductory material on day one and progresses to advanced Selenium on days two and three. The day-one material introduces the basics of testing web applications using Selenium. Testers can build, enhance, and maintain scripts using both the Selenium IDE and the Selenium 2 WebDriver. The focus is on the practical application of Selenium to resolve common web automated testing challenges. The second part of the course (two days) focuses on the use of advanced Selenium features to enhance Selenium automated test suites. Eclipse IDE is used in the course. Hands-on instruction is an integral part of Selenium Bootcamp.