Object Oriented Programming Training Courses

Object Oriented Programming (OOP) paradigm lies at the heart of any modern programming language. OOP allows you to break down any real life problem to a series of objects and relations between them. Once you’ve mastered this concept, you’ll be able to learn new programming languages with ease. Our OOP course offering gives you the tools you need to shift from a Structural design to an Object Oriented design in a systematic fashion.

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There are currently no public sessions scheduled.
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Introduction to C++ Programming Training Course

This C++ programming hands-on course provides a solid introduction to object-oriented programming concepts, the C++ language, the C++ run-time and development environments and the Standard Template Library (STL). You will learn basic and advanced C++ syntax, constructs, and conventions, become familiar with the API documentation, understand C++’s implementation of the OO paradigm, and apply your newly acquired knowledge by writing a number of programs. After completing this course, you should have the ability to read, understand, and analyze most C++ code, and you should have the skills necessary to begin developing C++ programs.