Network Training Courses

One of our founders and key instructors, Boris Tulman, has more than a dozen of years experience in Network systems, networking architectures, and network design. We have the expertise and capability of creating a custom networking course on a variety of topics, from TCP/IP, to Cisco, to IPv6, and to Switching and Routing. We also offer custom courses on Data Center Design and Network Operations.

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Networking Fundamentals Training Course

A 2-day introductory course designed to teach networking concepts to anyone new to the domain. It explains main networking technologies and how they are applied in the real-world environments. The target audience is anyone who desires a practical, technical introduction to the field of networking or is interested in careers such as network technician or network administrator.

Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course

The Cisco ASA Security Appliance training course includes two intensive days filled with hands-on lab exercises that plunge you deep into the inner workings of the security appliance. You'll learn how to reset the administrator password (even when you don't know it) and how to build a basic firewall configuration from scratch in the command-line and in the GUI. You'll learn how to write and manage access-control lists, set up VPNs, DMZ, and a lot more. You'll practice backing-up and restoring your configuration files and the firewall's operating system image. We'll show you how to set up centralized logging with a syslog server. You'll practice configuring login banners. You'll configure local usernames and privilege levels, plus you'll practice using Active Directory for authentication. You'll set up a DHCP server for automatic address assignment. You'll practice building different types of VPNs and configure various types of filtering. You'll actually practice configuring filters to block Java applet calls.

Networking Overview for Managers Training Course

A 2-day Network overview course for technical leads and key decision makers that covers basic building blocks of today's network technologies. Discusses various networking solutions available today and problems each solution is designed to solve.

Juniper SRX Firewall Training Course

This two-day hands-on training course introduces students to Juniper security concepts using Juniper SRX firewall.