Introduction to Shell Programming Training Course


Shell Script

Introduction to Shell Programming course is designed to give students an idea of what can be accomplished with shell scripts and how to write them. This course teaches the features of the shell such as I/O redirection, filename shorthand, looping constructs, variables, and signal handling.


2 days


This course is for UNIX users who want to obtain a solid understanding of how to write shell scripts. No previous Shell Programming experience is expected. Essential UNIX knowledge is preferred.


Basic UNIX Knowledge



  • The Shell as a Programming Language
  • Shell Script Basics
  • Scripts vs Compiled Programs
  • Shell Script Examples

Shell Variables

  • File concepts
  • File management commands
  • Directories and their management
  • Searching files
  • Compressing files

Using Shell

  • What is a Shell?
  • Shell redirection and pipes
  • Shell standard input, output and error

Linux Processes

  • Process definition and structure
  • Background and foreground processes
  • Process redirection
  • The ps utility

Text Editors

  • The vi text editor
  • The emacs text editor
  • The pico text editor

Shell Programming

  • Shell scripting basics
  • Variables
  • Flow control