HTML5 Training Course – Introduction


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HTML5 is a new generation of HTML. Everyone is talking about HTML5 nowadays and believe it or not it’s becoming more popular every day. This 2-day HTML5 training “bootcamp” course will begin with introductory HTML5 topics such as markup and structure and segue into advanced HTML5 concepts that include forms, layouts, audio and video, geolocation, communication API, storage, Javascript integration, and other similar topics.


2 days


This class is catered to experienced web developers who are already familiar with basic HTML concepts. The class allows them to to upgrade their skills to the HTML5 level. The course includes plenty of hands-on labs, which are done using a text editor. This format fosters visual learning and direct application of the HTML5 syntax.


This course covers the following topics:

  • Semantic elements and structures of HTML5
  • Techniques for drawing lines, fills, gradients and images
  • Improvements to web forms
  • Techniques for drawing lines, fills, gradients and images
  • New HTML5 features like WebSockets, Geolocation, Web Storage, Canvas, and Audio and Video