Big Data Training Courses

Big Data refers to datasets whose size is beyond the ability of a typical database to capture, manage, and analyze it. The cost, proprietary nature, and scalability issues of traditional big data solutions have spawned the development of open source Big Data platforms such as Hadoop, Cassandra, and MongoDB, also known as NoSQL database management systems.

Getting Big Data training is key for a successful implementation of any project that deals with the analysis and processing of large data sets. Our Big Data training courses enable you to reap the rewards of implementing and using various open source Big Data platforms.

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Big Data Overview Training Course

Big Data Overview training course is designed for technical leads, architects and decision makers who need to have a thorough understanding of Big Data solutions available on the market today to solve enterprise challenges in dealing with ever increasing large data sets.

Apache Spark Training Course

Apache Spark is a hands-on course that introduces Apache Spark - currently the hottest Big Data project. The students will understand the place of Spark in the Hadoop/Big Data ecosystem, learn to use Spark shell, understand Spark internals, learn how to write code for Spark and how to combine it with Hadoop. Also covered are Spark SQL, Spark streaming, machine learning and GraphX.