Tomcat Administration Training Course


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This 2-day hands-on Apache Tomcat training course teaches how to install and configure Tomcat servlet container, deploy new applications and fine-tune Tomcat performance. Topics include configuring Tomcat, securing and troubleshooting Tomcat applications, overview of Tomcat Manager, virtual hosting, and different Tomcat connectors.


2 days

Course Objectives

By the completion of the Tomcat Administration course you should be able to:

  • Have a solid understanding of how Tomcat relates to Java EE (J2EE)
  • Understand the difference between a servlet container (e.g. Tomcat) and a J2EE server (e.g. JBoss)
  • Download, install, and configure Apache Tomcat on the OS of your choice (Windows or UNIX/Linux)
  • Deploy, support, and troubleshoot applications on Tomcat
  • Navigate Tomcat’s directory structure
  • Be comfortable configuring Tomcat via server.xml, context.xml, and web.xml
  • Understand Tomcat logs: access logs, error logs, and custom logs
  • Secure Tomcat and web applications running on it
  • Improve Tomcat’s performance through tuning
  • Set up Tomcat for SSL
  • Set up a basic Tomcat Cluster
  • Explore topics that deal with Tomcat load-balancing and high-availability


This course is an introduction to Tomcat server administration and is designed for people who are planning to install, administer and fine-tune Apache Tomcat application server. Basic system administration skills and prior experience with HTTP protocols and Java environments are nice to have but are not required.


  • Familiarity with Linux/Windows operating system is a plus
  • Basic understanding of application server administration


Introduction to Apache Tomcat

  • Brief History of Tomcat
  • Servlets Overview
  • JavaServer Pages

Installing Tomcat

  • Overview of Tomcat Installation Process
  • Installing JVM
  • Installing Ant

Tomcat Management

  • Tomcat Manager
  • Creating and Deploying a WAR File
  • Running Java Management Extensions
  • JMX Proxy Servlet

Configuring Tomcat

  • Overview of Tomcat Configuration
  • Tomcat Element Overview
  • Tomcat Directives
  • Tomcat Conectors


  • Security Configuration Options
  • Realms and Access Control
  • File System Security
  • Java Security Manager
  • Tomcat and SSL
  • Tomcat Best Security Practices

Tomcat Virtual Hosting

  • Virtual Hosting Overview
  • Configuring Tomcat to Enable Virtual Hosting
  • Contexts

Deploying Web Applications

  • Directory Structure of a Web App
  • web.xml
  • Deployment Descriptors