Training Courses

Below is our full course catalog. We can deliver any of these courses at your own site, and we can also customize them to fit your individual needs. Many of our courses are offered for public open enrollment at our own training facilities. Please see our training schedule for more detail.

Introduction to Agile Training Course

A one-day introductory Agile training course that covers Agile practices and values

Android Bootcamp Training Course

This 4-day hands-on Android Bootcamp will cover both beginner and advanced Android topics and is ideal for professional developers who are interested in learning Android framework. Android Bootcamp is a merger of our best two Android courses: Android Application Development and Advanced Android.

Android Application Development Training Course

This 2-day hands-on Android training course is designed to jump-start your entry into the Google phone market. This intermediate class is ideal for professional developers who are well-versed in Java and interested in learning Android framework.

Advanced Android Training Course

Advanced Android training course is designed to provide advanced knowledge and skills to develop applications for Android platform. Course will cover in-depth topics such as threads, message queues, content providers/resolvers, location-based services, network services and others.

Android Platform Internals Training Course

This 3-day hands-on course is best suited for existing Android developers who are seeking to extend or customize the functionality of the Android platform. The course reviews the underlying Linux kernel, configuration of basic services, and the layout of the various file systems. Android NDK is used heavily throughout the course, providing access to the underlying hardware and platform services. You will have a chance to develop native code in C/C++ and to see how it is integrated and loaded onto the development platform.

Java for Android Training Course

This 3-day hands-on Java training course is designed to give you enough Java expertise so you can comfortably take the follow-up Android application development course. This intermediate class is ideal for professional developers who don't have Java background and interested in learning Android framework.

Apache Web Server Administration Training Course

Apache HTTP Server is the oldest and the most stable web server that is used in over 100 million web sites. Our 2-day Apache Web Server Administration training course is designed to give you the necessary hands-on skills to install, administer, optimize, and troubleshoot issues with Apache Web Server.

Tomcat Administration Training Course

The 2-day Apache Tomcat Administration training course covers the specifics of installing, configuring, and maintaining Apache Tomcat servlet container. Students will learn the specifics of using the server.xml configuration file, deployment descriptor files, an overview of servlets and JSP, the differences between Tomcat and J2EE application servers, deploying Java Web applications under Tomcat, connecting Tomcat and Apache HTTP Server, hosting multiple Web applications, using the Tomcat Manager and the Tomcat Administration tools.

Big Data Overview Training Course

Big Data Overview training course is designed for technical leads, architects and decision makers who need to have a thorough understanding of Big Data solutions available on the market today to solve enterprise challenges in dealing with ever increasing large data sets.

Apache Spark Training Course

Apache Spark is a hands-on course that introduces Apache Spark - currently the hottest Big Data project. The students will understand the place of Spark in the Hadoop/Big Data ecosystem, learn to use Spark shell, understand Spark internals, learn how to write code for Spark and how to combine it with Hadoop. Also covered are Spark SQL, Spark streaming, machine learning and GraphX.

Big Data Bootcamp Training Course

Big Data Bootcamp is a 5-day half-lecture and half-hands-on lab class that starts out with a complete introduction to the subject of Big Data and gradually delves into in-depth topics that cover Hadoop, Spark, NoSQL and other technologies.

Drupal for Beginners Training Course

A 2-day introductory Drupal course that covers creating database, installation, choosing modules, configuration, navigating the Admin screens, and adding content. Topics include discussion on Maintenance, Support, The Drupal Community and Drupal Resources.

Drupal Site Building Training Course

A 2-day Drupal course for users who are new to Drupal and those who want to broaden their Drupal skills. Participants will learn how to manage media, build calendars and complex, dynamic queries of content by selecting and configuring the most popular modules. By the end of the class you will be ready to tackle your own Drupal project.

Drupal Module Development Training Course

In this 2-day training course participants will learn how to get custom functionality using Drupal’s hook system, as well as how to extend or alter contributed module functionality. Participants in this course will have used CCK, Views and Panels to create websites but have never built their own module. We will start with writing a simple module and move to writing a complex module, step by step, which uses Forms API, Schema API, all of the top ten Drupal hooks, creates custom database tables.

Google App Engine for Java and GWT Training Course

Want to ensure your team has the skills necessary for cloud design and development on the Google App Engine (GAE) platform using Java? Google App Engine for Java and GWT Training Course is designed for the experienced Java/J2EE professionals who want a fast track training to start developing using Google's own highly scalable infrastructure and APIs. In this course, your team will be exposed to a comprehensive tour of the Google App Engine and Google Web Toolkit (GWT). Attendees receive the sources to a demonstration application tied to the course which illustrate the key elements of a GAE/Java and GWT application.

Hadoop Overview for Managers Training Course

Hadoop Overview For Managers training course is designed for technical personnel and management who are evaluating and considering using Hadoop to solve their data scalability problems. We will cover Hadoop basics and discuss best practices using Hadoop in enterprises dealing with large data sets. Hadoop benefits and case studies on how other organizations are using Hadoop will be presented.

Hadoop Developer Training with MapReduce

This 3-day hands-on Hadoop training course is designed for experienced developers and provides a fast track to building reliable and scalable application systems using Hadoop open-source software. Hadoop frameworks and tools are specifically geared towards processing of large datasets. Practical case studies will be demonstrated in class to show how Hadoop is used in real world today to solve different problems. MapReduce training is an essential component of this course.

Hadoop Administration Training Course

This 3-day hands-on Hadoop for System Administrators class is designed for technical operations personnel whose job is to install and maintain production Hadoop clusters in real world. We will cover Hadoop architecture and its components, installation process, monitoring and troubleshooting of the complex Hadoop issues. The class includes practical hands-on exercises and encourages open discussions of how people are using Hadoop in enterprises dealing with large data sets.

Hive Training Course

Hive is a system for querying and managing structured data built on top of Hadoop. It uses Map-Reduce for execution, HDFS for storage, structured data with rich data types (structs, lists and maps). Allows to directly query data from different formats (text/binary) and file formats (Flat/Sequence) using SQL as a familiar programming tool for standard analytics. Hive provides extensibility using embedded scripts for non standard applications and supports rich MetaData to allow data discovery and optimization.

HTML5 Training Course - Introduction

A two-day HTML5 training course that covers both introductory HTML5 concepts such as structure elements, forms, and canvas as well as advanced topics such as audio, video, storage, and geolocation.

Introduction to Java Programming Training Course

A 4-day beginner Java course for those interested in learning how to program using the most popular and versatile programming tool, Java. It starts out with an introduction to Object Oriented Programming paradigms, which are later applied in the real programming problems solved using the powerful Java language.

Linux Fundamentals Training Course

This introductory course introduces students to the fundamental and powerful concepts of Linux operating system that make it such a popular operating system in many production environments.

Introduction to Shell Programming Training Course

The Introduction to Shell Programming course will teach you how to use Shell commands and constructs to automate common system administration tasks. Students will learn shell programming strategies, methodology and various scripting environments. The lab part consists of creating several real-life Bash shell scripts.

Networking Fundamentals Training Course

A 2-day introductory course designed to teach networking concepts to anyone new to the domain. It explains main networking technologies and how they are applied in the real-world environments. The target audience is anyone who desires a practical, technical introduction to the field of networking or is interested in careers such as network technician or network administrator.

Cisco ASA Firewall Training Course

The Cisco ASA Security Appliance training course includes two intensive days filled with hands-on lab exercises that plunge you deep into the inner workings of the security appliance. You'll learn how to reset the administrator password (even when you don't know it) and how to build a basic firewall configuration from scratch in the command-line and in the GUI. You'll learn how to write and manage access-control lists, set up VPNs, DMZ, and a lot more. You'll practice backing-up and restoring your configuration files and the firewall's operating system image. We'll show you how to set up centralized logging with a syslog server. You'll practice configuring login banners. You'll configure local usernames and privilege levels, plus you'll practice using Active Directory for authentication. You'll set up a DHCP server for automatic address assignment. You'll practice building different types of VPNs and configure various types of filtering. You'll actually practice configuring filters to block Java applet calls.

Networking Overview for Managers Training Course

A 2-day Network overview course for technical leads and key decision makers that covers basic building blocks of today's network technologies. Discusses various networking solutions available today and problems each solution is designed to solve.

Juniper SRX Firewall Training Course

This two-day hands-on training course introduces students to Juniper security concepts using Juniper SRX firewall.

Introduction to C++ Programming Training Course

This C++ programming hands-on course provides a solid introduction to object-oriented programming concepts, the C++ language, the C++ run-time and development environments and the Standard Template Library (STL). You will learn basic and advanced C++ syntax, constructs, and conventions, become familiar with the API documentation, understand C++’s implementation of the OO paradigm, and apply your newly acquired knowledge by writing a number of programs. After completing this course, you should have the ability to read, understand, and analyze most C++ code, and you should have the skills necessary to begin developing C++ programs.

PHP, JavaScript, Ajax and jQuery Training Course

Dynamic Web Development with PHP/JavaScript/Ajax/jQuery is designed to provide advanced skills and hands-on experience in developing dynamic web applications both server- and client-side.

Web Development with PHP/MySQL Training Course

This entry-level PHP/MySQL web development course teaches you how to develop web applications using PHP with MySQL as the back-end datastore. Students will learn basic PHP constructs, PHP code organization and reuse. The course includes an introduction to Object-oriented programming paradigms.

Programming in Python Training Course

The Programming in Python course is designed to provide essential interactive program development skills using Python, including hands on labs to reinforce the lesson material. The course will introduce students to the Python programming language, Object Oriented software development principles and a sampling of the standard Python packages. On completion of the course we expect students to be able to develop powerful interactive GUI programs using SQLite for file-based persistence or memory-based storage of program data.

Ruby Fundamentals Training Course

The Ruby Fundamentals training course provides a fast-track introduction to one of the most popular, cross-platform interpreted scripting languages - Ruby. The course utilizes a combination of theory and lab exercises to get the student comfortable with the programming language. The class covers the the basic functionality and APIs of Ruby, and how to use them together to create powerful applications. The course also gives you the information you need to use Ruby with various frameworks, such as Ruby on Rails. The course covers both the design considerations as well as the actual coding via a multitude of hands-on lab assignments.

Ruby on Rails Fast Track Training Course

Ruby on Rails Fast Track is an accelerated course that combines the fun of web development with learning Ruby on Rails (RoR), the hottest Ruby framework today. Ruby on Rails is an open-source web framework that's optimized for developer happiness and sustainable productivity. It lets you write beautiful code by favoring convention over configuration. This training course offers an accelerated instruction to give you all the tools you need to become a proficient RoR programmer in less time. The course includes a multitude of hands-on lab assignments that lead you through the material.

Selenium Bootcamp Training Course

Selenium Bootcamp is a 3-day training course that begins with an introductory material on day one and progresses to advanced Selenium on days two and three. The day-one material introduces the basics of testing web applications using Selenium. Testers can build, enhance, and maintain scripts using both the Selenium IDE and the Selenium 2 WebDriver. The focus is on the practical application of Selenium to resolve common web automated testing challenges. The second part of the course (two days) focuses on the use of advanced Selenium features to enhance Selenium automated test suites. Eclipse IDE is used in the course. Hands-on instruction is an integral part of Selenium Bootcamp.

SQL Fundamentals with Microsoft SQL Server Training Course

This SQL training course is designed for students new to databases and SQL. The SQL taught in this class is generic enough to be applicable to all major databases, although the emphasis is placed on Microsoft SQL Server, a popular database platform used both for small sites as well as large enterprise web applications.

Web Services Architecture Training Course

A 2-day Web Services architecture training course that establishes design principles behind the web service communications. Introduces the two schools of thought in developing web services: the traditional, standards-based approach using SOAP and WSDL and a more recent and popular approach using REST (Representational State Transfer) architectural style. The majority of the course focuses on the REST based web services. The course covers design considerations, best practices, implementation examples, documentation, and management of web services across the enterprise.