Top 5 Cloud Computing Backup Solutions

October 2nd, 2012 Leave a comment
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Top 5 Cloud Computing Backup Solutions

The cloud isn’t just a nebulous buzzword: it’s a robust infrastructure that can be extremely helpful to you and your business. Offsite backup is one of the things that cloud computing can do extremely well. With the rise of fast connections in businesses, offsite backup no longer has to be relegated to the arena of backup tapes that get shipped off to another facility once a month. Here are a few of the different business cloud backup services available to you – let’s see how they stack up and you can choose the one that fits your company’s needs the best!

1. Carbonite

Carbonite has been around quite awhile, and it offers both consumer and business backup solutions. Its business backup solution is actually quite robust: it starts out at 250GB maximum storage for $229 a year, and it includes backups for an unlimited number of devices. The best part about this feature is that you can include the software on an unlimited number of computers, meaning that the backup process for users is more or less transparent and won’t impact their work significantly. While not essential, a useful added perk is the ability to access data from mobile devices like Androids, Blackberries, and iPhones- something that might be handy should anyone ever need a prior revision of a file on the go!

2. Mozy Backup

Mozy is another corporation that caters to both consumer and business backup solutions, and for the most part it’s quite similar to Carbonite in its backup methods and abilities, including having a client running on the computers you wish to back up and access from mobile devices. Mozy does offer a bit more customization and usability, however: it has some bells and whistles Carbonite is lacking, including features like backups for opened / locked files as well as files on network drives or on SQL Exchange server. Mozy’s features do come at a price, however, and their 250GB plan comes out to about a thousand a year- about four times as expensive as Carbonite’s offering. If you need the features of Mozy, however, you might very well decide that the price is worth the flexibility and power of the Mozy backup system!

3. Backblaze

Backblaze’s features are nothing new compared to Carbonite and Mozy Backup, but it’s the pricing plan that really sets Backblaze apart from the others. Instead of charging per gigabyte and allowing unlimited devices, Backblaze gives unlimited storage at the tune of $50 per computer per year. While this would be impractical for an organization with many computers or servers, it’s ideal for small organizations that have to backup a great deal of data but only have a few computers. If your organization only has five computers but is backing up 500GB or more of data, Backblaze’s plan can represent a great deal of savings compared with the other plans featured on this list.

4. Crashplan Pro

Crashplan Pro seems to be an interesting hybrid of backup solutions: they offer either per-computer or block backup, and they also offer the option to backup your files to different locations automatically- your crashplan installation, for example, could back up not only to the cloud but to a local backup storage drive as well. One of the biggest selling points of Crashplan Pro is its dashboard: it offers unparalleled control of every computer running Crashplan Pro, and the ability to alter any single Crashplan configuration on any individual computer as well as alter bulk backup strategies make the customization of Crashplan far greater than any others. We were unable to find the block GB quotes, but the per-computer plans are at $7.50 / month per computer.

5. Barracuda Backup

Barracuda is a trusted name in business, and their backup plan is similarly robust. It has slick backup capabilities as well as a great interface, allowing custom control of everything in your network as far as backing up is concerned. The initial problem for this setup is the upfront cost: the backup plan is a hybrid onsite / offsite storage solution that requires users to purchase a Barracuda backup server that acts as onsite storage as well as the link to the offsite storage. The initial upfront cost of this kind of build means it many not be entirely practical for the small business owner, as even the cheapest backup server starts at just shy of $1000. For a larger enterprise that wants top-notch support as well as extremely detailed and comprehensive backup control, however, Barracuda Backups is most certainly worth looking into!


There are more than a few cloud backup solutions out there, but the five above have been selected as having something that distinguishes them from the rest. That could be speed, level of control, pricing, or features- each of which might be more important in your individual case than others. Whatever the reason, however, they’re all excellent backup services that will give you a high quality level of service for your cloud backups and provide a peace of mind when it comes to your sensitive data being located offsite in the event of a major onsite disaster!

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