Top 10 Productivity Apps For Android

June 27th, 2013 Leave a comment
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top 10 android apps

Smartphones are the way of the future- or so we’re told. Smartphones should make our lives better, easier, and more productive- but finding the right combination of apps and workflow to maximize your productivity is often easier said than done. Here’s a list of apps that could help point you in the right direction when it comes to getting your operation more productive!

1. Google Docs (Free)

Easily on the top of productivity checklist, Google Docs is the on-the-go app that a great deal of people swear by (though it’s a mystery why Google took so long to roll it out initially). If you’re a Google Docs user, then there’s no question here: you need to get Google Docs on your Android phone. If you’re not a Google Docs user, you should definitely consider installing it. The ability to edit your files on the go no matter where you are can be a life saver, especially if you’re often moving around for meetings or other reasons.

2. Google Keep / Evernote

A great deal of people will cry foul for me lumping the both of these in with each other, but they do serve similar goals: efficient note taking and organizing. Evernote is undoubtedly the more powerful of the two, at least in my limited experience, but I found Google Keep’s UI and features easier to use and more convenient. Both of these are on here because you should at least have some sort of note taking software, and either one of these will likely fit your need for it!

3. Dropbox

Dropbox has consistently been one of the life savers in the online storage arena, and its utility on the PC transfers to utility on Android nearly perfectly. It’s incredibly convenient having all of your files together, and the combination of Dropbox and Android’s other features can make for some really interesting productivity aids (including creative applications like syncing public and private keys across multiple devices). Definitely a must for any Android user on the go.

4. Quickoffice

While Google Docs is great for editing on the go, sometimes you just need to send a doc or docx to someone using Word. Quickoffice is excellent for this: it seems to handle almost every Word doc thrown at it, and it can save them to disk without any problems at all. It also seems to be a quite capable PDF reader, and it’s definitely worth using if you’re going to be sending .doc or .docx files to people, especially when the Google Docs conversion might mess up something like sensitive formatting.

5. CamCard (Free, Upgrade for $6.99)

If you’re going to tons of conferences and networking with people, this app is essential in avoiding too many business cards cluttering up your wallet. CamCard lets you snap a picture of a business card and it’ll take care of importing things like name, title, phone number, etc. and so forth so you can build a virtual database of business cards. It’s not perfect, but it’s extremely good, and it’s incredibly convenient if you’re traveling often and exchanging business cards with different colleagues in your line of work.

6. Bounce

Bounce is one of the best ideas for an app in a long while: it doesn’t just tell you how far away something is, but it tells you when you have to leave to arrive on time due to weather, traffic, and other conditions. Being told when you have to “bounce” is an amazing concept (one that surprisingly few people really understand) and if you’re the type who is consistently late or misjudging traffic than this app is absolutely necessary.

7. MoneyWise Pro

This isn’t a productivity app per-se, but it’s definitely a useful one for keeping on track with your budgets. MoneyWise lets you insert your transactions and gives you at-a-glance graphs and lists to let you know when you’re out of budget for the month. A great way to tell whether you have the cash to drop on that little business meeting, or if you have some money left over to reward well-performing teams (including yourself, of course!)

8. Any.DO

Any.DO is an incredibly slick to-do list that can sync between all your devices, and it’s very good at what it does. It’s not quite as powerful as more full-featured to-do lists like Wunderlist, but it’s highly customizable and it’s really good looking: it focuses on a great UI as well as sharing, and it relies on a Chrome web app instead of a native desktop application to do the heavy lifting. It’s quite user friendly, and it’s worth a look as your go-to to-do app.

9. Bump

While many people were impressed with the NFC ability in the most recent Samsung ad promotions, probably more than a few were a little disappointed to learn that it was limited to a few phones. Thankfully, the folks at Bump realized that we wanted that feature across all phones, and it lets you share information like photos, contacts, and files just by bumping the two phones together. It’s cross-platform and quite slick, and while it’s not as full featured or nice as the S III’s native features, it’s usable over both Android and iPhone and so offers a bit more utility than a phone-specific sharing ability!

10. SemiSilent

Some of us only dream of being busy enough for this app, but if you’re one of them you may find this a lifesaver: it lets you categorize certain people in different levels of importance, and then it can silence everyone under a certain level that you select so you’re only interrupted at night, for example, by urgent or critical levels. It’s great if you’re constantly interrupted by less important calls or texts at night and definitely helps prioritize emergencies!


There are definitely more productive apps out there, but these are some of the ones we’ve found that help us the most. Hopefully they help you achieve the same levels of productivity!

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