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Work for Hire – a Double Standard

May 29th, 2013 Leave a comment
Work for Hire - a Double Standard

Usually, ownership of every work of original authorship lies with the person that created it. The exception is the “work for hire” rule. This covers any collective contributions to most projects. That can include a part of a television or motion picture, combined input to maps, textbooks or supplement materials, individual authors of articles in magazines and newspapers; work commissioned for an anthology. Most important for discussion for this site “work for hire” status also includes all coding and design done for a software application. The Current Business Environment Software developers recognize developing an Intellectual Property needs a dedicated… View full post »

Agile Methodology: Individuals over Processes

March 18th, 2010 (Guest Blogger)Leave a comment
Agile Methodology: Individuals over Processes

In my previous blog, Software Development Using Agile Methodology, I wrote about main key values of Agile Methodology, one of which prefers people over processes in software development. While reading Martin Fowler’s article “The New Methodology”, this paragraph has caught my attention: One of the aims of traditional methodologies is to develop a process where the people involved are replaceable parts. With such a process you can treat people as resources who are available in various types. You have an analyst, some coders, some testers, a manager. The individuals aren’t so important, only the roles are important. That way if… View full post »