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Why You Should Get Red Hat Linux Certification

April 26th, 2013 Leave a comment
Why You Should Get Red Hat Linux Certification

The obvious reason is to quickly give yourself verifiable credentials with Red Hat Linux for your employer or potential employers to consider when evaluating you for a new position. For most, this is reason enough to go through the certification process. Like other certification programs for development, systems administration, and other IT fields, certification in Red Hat is used as proof of your working knowledge of the platform. Unlike many other certifications, however, receiving a recognized cert in Red Hat also says that you have passed hands-on requirements. Two thirds of the testing requirement for Red… View full post »

The Open-source Development Culture and Why Linux Doesn’t Work Like the Others

April 23rd, 2013 Leave a comment
The Open-source Development Culture and Why Linux Doesn't Work Like the Others

To developers moving from a relatively closed system, such as Windows or OSX environment, to the open Linux architecture, the learning curve involves far more than adding a new language or architecture to your repertoire. It usually means fundamentally changing how things are done from an engineering perspective. Coding in a restricted or closed environment, where access to the source code for related apps and the core platform itself is limited, often means making guesses as to how things will interact and spending a lot of time (and lines of code) working around those interactions or restrictions. … View full post »