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iPhone vs. Android: One Year Later

May 17th, 2011 Leave a comment
iPhone vs. Android: One Year Later

Last year, we published an article pitting iPhone and Android against each other. It’s now one year and several versions later for both of these smartphone platforms: is our decision still relevant? Who is the king of the smartphones one year later? Should you still consider dumping your iPhone? We’ve given this question another shot by looking at the same criteria we used to compare the two phones in the original article. Read on! iPhone’s Sync Options To no one’s surprise, iPhone is still a nightmare to sync. Unlike an Android phone, which loads as a regular drive that can be accessed… View full post »

iPhone vs. Android – Why Dump iPhone for Android

May 7th, 2010 Leave a comment
iPhone vs. Android - Why Dump iPhone for Android

When the iPhone first appeared on the market, it was a revolution in the mobile device area. Android took a while longer to materialize, but now that it is out there, some consumers are re-evaluating their “love affair” with iPhone. Learning from iPhone’s mistakes, Android was able to capitalize on many iPhones features that users find frustrating. In fact there are plenty of good reasons to dump your iPhone for an Android device. iPhone’s Hideous Sync Options Unlike the iPhone, the Android does not sync with the computer it is plugged into. One of the iPhone’s pet peeves is… View full post »