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Apple, Google and Microsoft – Who Will Be Victorious?

December 1st, 2010 Leave a comment
Apple, Google and Microsoft - Who Will Be Victorious?

Recently there as been a lot of news and analysis about the relative positions of Google, Microsoft and Apple in the IT industry. In many ways, it appears that the three companies are bitter rivals and locked in a struggle to dominant the future of computing. The question many people are asking is how will this competition play out? Who will ultimately be left standing when the dust settles? Apple has made a pretty spectacular rise lately. The media really grabbed onto the fact that Apple’s market capitalization recently bypassed Microsoft. There has been a lot… View full post »

Is Android Google’s Launching Pad into Apple’s Airspace?

August 15th, 2010 Leave a comment
Is Android Google's Launching Pad into Apple's Airspace?

With the release of iOS version 4, Apple continues to build on their momentum as the leading blue chip smart phone provider. As Google takes strides to develop its Android OS, however, many analysts see emerging trends that point in Google’s favor. AdMob’s own mobile metrics report ( shows Android’s operating system share rising to over 25%, with Apple holding steady at around 40%, Nokia at just over 20% and Blackberry at just under 10%. In terms of the ability to scale, Android provides developers and handset manufacturers with a compelling alternative to the closed Apple ecosystem, potentially increasing the… View full post »