Music on Android: Best Music Players Reviewed

April 19th, 2011 Leave a comment
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Android Music Players

The standard Android player is functional, but that’s all that it is: many Android users hunger for a more robust feature set from their music player. Thankfully, a few Android developers have felt the same thing; here’s a list of a few music players that are outstanding in their features and functions!

1. doubleTwist

doubleTwist Android Music Player

doubleTwist markets itself as “iTunes for Android”, and that’s exactly what it is, more or less; its UI is sleek and functional, and it offers features very similar to the music player on any Apple device. A very neat feature here is “AirSync”, a feature that lets you sync your iTunes and Android player on your home WiFi network (This feature costs $5.00, though the doubleTwist app itself is free). Overall, a very sleek, feature-full, and functional music player!

2. ^3 (Cubed)

^3 Cubed Android Music Player

Cubed (whose official name is 3) is a music player with an amazingly neat twist: instead of a flat, name-based scroll view as is the norm among most music players, it instead is a player that has a cube with album covers on it that you can flick to and select what song you want to listen to. It’s hard to explain but quite awesome in practice; I can only say to try it out and see for yourself!

For those non-adventurous types, Cubed also offers more traditional viewing modes as well, including an iTunes-style interface. Its unique viewing mode, however, combined with a plethora of very helpful options ( scrobbling, album-art fetching, Concerts, and Releases) make this player a very good alternative to the stock Android music player!

3. PowerAMP

PowerAMP Android Music Player

PowerAMP is as beastly as its name suggests: this is not a music app for the faint of heart, or for passive listeners! PowerAMP has all sorts of powerful equalizer settings; you can adjust bass, treble, 1k, preamp, and a whole host of other sound mixing options as well as select from preset equalizer settings on the left-hand side of the screen, giving you some of the most fine-grained control over how your music sounds (possibly more than any other player on this list).

For those who aren’t so into the equalizing, PowerAMP is a stellar music player in its own right as well; you can select albums, make playlists, and have all the trappings of a modern music player. An especially a handy feature is folder / album jumping- right from the navigation menu you can skip ahead to the next album / artist in your library! This is a solid, well-constructed app that feels almost like a regular desktop music player than a mobile app; definitely worth a look in the alternative music player search!

4. TuneWiki

TuneWiki Android Music Player

TuneWiki is exactly what it sounds like; a Wikipedia-like music player. And man, does it deliver: TuneWiki is not only a solid music player in its own right, with a slick UI and stellar ease of use, it is also driven to provide you anything and everything you might need in your music listening. The player streams lyrics every time you hit play on a song as well as offering Internet radio, YouTube integration, Shoutcast, and scrobbling, which is enough feature-wise to floor even the most jaded Android user.

If that’s not enough, it also has tons of social integration: You can see a map of fellow TuneWiki users, see who’s listening to what, share playlists with other TuneWiki users, and much more. Doing so requires registering a free account at TuneWiki’s website, however, and if you’re leery of the whole social networking aspect you don’t even have to use it!

Bottom line, TuneWiki is a solid player with tons of features and should definitely be on anybody’s radar when searching for an alternative music player!

5. MIUI Player

MIUI Android Music Player

MIUI Player is unique on this list in that it’s not downloadable from the Android Market; it’s an app on the XDA forums that is a part of the MIUI ROM. It’s been released as a standalone music app, and it most certainly deserves a spot on this list as a polished and functional music player. Though it lacks some of the features of the more jam-packed apps above, it’s slimmer for it and quite sleek. Because it’s not in the Market, it can be intimidating for some to install; if you can get over that, however, it’s a very slim app that’s definitely a contender for your daily music player of choice!

And there’s our Android music player reviews; if you’re not satisfied with the stock Android music app or just want a change, check these out – you’re sure to find one that fits!

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