Google+ Pages: A Boon For Small Businesses

December 15th, 2011 Leave a comment
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Google has recently just announced a very exciting new feature for Google+: the ability for businesses to make Google+ pages. With this new addition, businesses will be able to have a centralized page to disseminate news and features on the company, as well as have a place for customers to talk about their experiences with the company or simply chat about new news or features coming up.

You may, understandably, meet this news with some confusion. After all, Facebook has had pages for years now, and the Google+ Pages feature, when viewed in that light, looks less like innovation and more like playing catch-up. News feeds, features, interaction with customers: all of this isn’t new on Google’s part, and Facebook pages have had all of these features almost since their inception.

Why, then, is Google+ Pages such a boon to users? What do Google+ Pages have that Facebook pages don’t?

Well: for starters, not all of the benefit comes from innovative features. The fact that Google has opened up Google+ to have the same kind of business pages that Facebook does mean that Google+ will have all the same advantages for internet marketing that Facebook currently provides as well. Given Google+’s growing user-base, that means that a business that decides to put a Google+ Page up will reap the benefit of growing exposure to Google+’s users and get their message out to a wider audience.

The true innovative feature that’s going to give Google+ an edge over Facebook, however, is its integration with Google’s search engine. Once a company creates their Google+ page, a user simply has to enter their name with a plus in front of it to go their their Plus page. For example, +adobe or +youtube would take you to those respective plus pages for those businesses, making it very easy for consumers to reach pages they might want to frequent often.

This is a leveraging of Google’s search engine power that is both innovative and exclusive: Facebook can’t emulate it, since they don’t have access to Google’s search engine. Moreover, this functionality will extend itself to a broad range of services, and with Google’s foothold in places like Gmail, Android, and Chrome, it’s a safe assumption to think that Google+ Pages will have very good visibility in the coming months due to Google’s presence in various market areas.

Google+ Pages, as a new feature, are a broad and as yet untapped area. Due to Google’s integration in the search arena as well as mobile and desktop markets, these Google+ pages are a boon to small businesses and you should definitely look into creating one today: who knows how much it’s going to help you tomorrow?

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