Cloud Computing – Is It for You?

February 15th, 2010 (Guest) Leave a comment
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Cloud Computing

Andy Moon did a great analysis in this article to explain why Cloud Computing in storage domain is so slow to be adopted by enterprises: Cloud storage adoption slow for businesses.

Cloud computing has been a reality now for many years and the term has been used more and more often by IT professionals. Ever increasing business need for speed and mobility makes cloud computing sound like a perfect match, especially with the growing number of cloud providers on the market.

I think that the processing power and ability to scale with cloud computing is not being questioned nowadays… What is being questioned though is data security, reliability and data recovery.

There is also an initial cost associated with migration of your existing computing infrastructure to the cloud. No surprises here why cloud computing has been so slowly adopted by businesses and only 8% of businesses, according to Andy, plan to use cloud computing in the near future.

For businesses doing online payment transactions and storing their customer data, cloud computing might not be even an option… at least for now.

Is cloud computing for you?

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