VMware vSphere 5.0 Fundamentals / VC-VIP Boot Camp


VMware vSphere

5-day VMware vSphere Boot Camp is one of the most popular boot camps with the VMware population since it trains through hands-on experience with in-class equipment.

Our certified instructor ensures a complete end-to-end walkthrough from install to complex troubleshooting exercises, taking students from an introduction to virtualization, to comprehensive hand-on experience configuring and managing VMware’s latest advanced networking features. We explore the arena of advanced troubleshooting techniques through vSphere Management Assistant and vCenter Server, the latest ‘Best Practices’ for an implementation boot camp are also designed to catapult your expertise in the exploding field of virtualization.


5 days, 9am – 5pm


By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Explore VMware vCenter Server and vSphere Management Assistant Utilize vCenter Server inventory hierarchies
  • Deploy virtual machines via templates, VMware vCenter Converter and Guided Consolidation
  • Deploy a virtual datacenter, configure virtual internetworking, and perform optimization testing
  • Troubleshoot vNetwork components and storage-related issues
  • Migrate virtual machines manually & proactively, across different ESX servers, without affecting service
  • Configure multiple VMware ESX servers in “resource pools”, implement Distributed Resource Scheduler and VMware Distributed Power Management to balance virtual machine load across ESX hosts in a cluster
  • Configure VMware High Availability and Fault Tolerance, simulate the crash of an ESX host, and recover from failure
  • Implement VMware’s VC Backup (Virtual Consolidated Backup) strategy, the latest solution to backing up large numbers of production virtual machines efficiently
  • Students are prepared for the VC-VIP vSphere test, and take the test at the end of the class
  • The test has more credibility because a third-party vendor neutral council offers it


This course is intended for those who provide basic support for and perform administrative functions of the ESX 5.0 server, using both the vSphere Management Assistant and vCenter Server.


  • Prior exposure to Linux is a plus, but the skills necessary for the labs will be taught during the boot camp
  • Experience in VMware administration is a plus, but is not required


Module 1 – Course Introduction

Module 2 – Virtualization Overview

  • What is Virtualization?
  • VMware vSphere vs. Microsoft HyperV
  • VMware vSphere components

Module 3 – Installation and Configuration

  • Installation and Configuration of ESX Server
  • Installation and Configuration of vCenter Server and vSphere Management Assistant
  • Inventory Management with vCenter Server

Module 4 – Storage and Network Management

  • Store management technologies
  • Storage related issues
  • vNetwork components

Module 5 – Virtual Machine Deployment

  • Virtual Machine Deployment with templates
  • VMware vCenter Converter
  • Virtual Infrastructure Client
  • Virtual Machine Remote Console

Module 6 – Security

  • Roles and Permissions
  • Firewall Management
  • Security management tools

Module 7 – Resource Management

  • Workloads and resource monitoring
  • vMotion
  • VMware Distributed Resource Scheduler
  • VMware Distributed Power
  • VMware High Availability
  • VMware Fault Tolerance
  • VMware vCenter Server Heartbeat

Module 8 – Backup

  • VMware Data Recovery
  • VMware Consolidated Backup

Module 9 – Monitoring and Optimization

  • Host Profiles
  • VMware vCenter Update Manager
  • vCenter Performance Charts, Alarms, Tasks and Events

Course Logistics

  • VMware vSphere Fundamentals Boot Camp includes continental breakfast, lunch, beverages and refreshments
  • FREE Test voucher for the VC-VIP vSphere Certification exam
  • High-speed wireless Internet access
  • Discounted Hotel stay at a local hotel is available