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Protecting Your Site – Web Application Security

March 21st, 2012 Leave a comment
Protecting Your Site - Web Application Security

Since more and more applications are moving to the Web application platform, they are becoming the target of mischief and illegal attacks. You need to be able to defend and protect your application by arming yourself with the knowledge of how these attacks can occur as well as learn how to fix these problems when one is found. A secure Web application has three characteristics: accessibility, confidentiality, and integrity. It is ultimately the responsibility of the designer and programmer to think about security when designing their systems since we cannot rely on security analysis of the platform… View full post »

Top 10 Security Threats

February 26th, 2011 Leave a comment
Top 10 Security Threats

The Internet is not a safe place. It is a war-torn wasteland; a landscape of viruses, script kiddies, hackers, and corporate spies out to gain access to the little oasis known only as your network. What’s a sysadmin to do? They say the first step to nullifying a threat is knowing it; let’s take a look at the top ten security threats facing sysadmins today! 1. Outdated Software By far one of the most dangerous threats to your network is outdated software. No matter how good your security policies are, or how well-informed your users are (though well-informed users will update their… View full post »