Big Data Overview Course: Why Everyone Should Take It

March 11th, 2013 Leave a comment
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Big Data Overview Course

Google. Facebook. Github. Twitter. LinkedIn. Microsoft.

Any of these names sound familiar to you? I’d imagine they do: they’re some of the many big names in the technology and web industry today, and they all share one very important thing in common: they’re processing terabytes, sometimes even petabytes, of data a day. This means they need a reliable, robust, and scalable network architecture that can meet the growing demand they have for data processing each day: a network architecture that includes services and software like NoSQL, Hadoop, BigTable, and MapReduce.

Each one of these tools is a very specialized software solution designed for the management of these large data processing projects. As a result, they can contain paradigms, algorithms, and specialized configurations that an average system administrator might not have had previous exposure to. As more and more companies are forced to process vast amounts of data every day, more and more system administrators will be required to know how to research, deploy, and maintain these types of installations across huge enterprise level networks.

This puts a great deal of current network administrators in an uncomfortable position: on the one hand, they’ve likely not had exposure to these different types of big data technologies. On the other, it is fairly difficult to teach yourself the ins and outs of a big data software solution on your own time, which makes landing new jobs that require those particular skill sets a tougher prospect as time goes on and more and more companies need administrators that can handle big data and the accompanying software solutions it requires.

It’s also the case that your organization is starting to require big data solutions as it grows. If you’re the current systems architect or system administrator, you’ll need to know how to deploy these solutions for your company already: not knowing how can lead to disastrous and / or costly results, as that same lack of knowledge will slow down development, increase the chance of bugs, and raise the likelihood that you’ll need to hire offsite consultants to come in and design your system at a far higher price than you would have otherwise paid.

At LearnComputer, we know how difficult it is to teach yourself these technologies- we also know that they’re in more and more demand every passing month at award-winning, ground-breaking technology companies. That’s why our Big Data Overview Training Course is designed to give you a head start into learning Hadoop and MapReduce. The course is designed for technical leads, architects and decision makers who need to have a thorough understanding of Big Data solutions available on the market today to solve enterprise challenges in dealing with ever increasing large data sets. We will cover main building blocks and concepts of the Big Data, key business drivers and success behind using it, as well as its challenges and limitations. We will discuss different Big Data solutions available today, focusing on Hadoop projects and Map Reduce technology.

Don’t let your lack of big data knowledge dissuade you from applying to new jobs or keep you from implementing the best solution for your current organization’s growing needs. Whether it’s looking for a new job or keeping your current one, our Big Data Overview Course gives you the tools to succeed and keep growing your knowledge in a cutting-edge, professional environment!

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