Best Tips to Look for a Job While Still Employed

March 17th, 2013 Leave a comment
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Best Tips to Look for a Job

There’s no doubt that trying to find a new job while you’re still in your old one can be difficult. On the one hand, you don’t want to give up your current job without know that there’s another one waiting for you. On the other hand, searching for a job is something that requires a significant investment of time, something likely to be in short supply given that you already have a position to look after. On top of all that, you have fraught office politics to deal with – no-one wants their boss to know that they’re leaving. In this article, we offer up a few tips on how to go about an effective yet covert search for a new job!

Search On Your Own Time

Yes, sometimes there may not be much to do around, the office, and yes, looking for a new job while ‘working’ at your current one is an efficient use of time from your point of view, but there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t do it. First of all, it’s dishonest – cut it whatever way you like, but you are paid to do your job, not find a new one. What’s more, you run a high risk of getting caught. Even if you clear your searches and make sure not to save any documents on the company network, your productivity may start to fall, and that will be noticed. And there’s always the simple danger that someone will get a peek over your shoulder and spot you applying. Don’t take silly risks – prepare your applications over the weekend or after work.


Applying for jobs through a standard applications process may be necessary, but know that it is not only time-consuming, but inefficient in terms of your time usage- the old adage that it’s not what you know but who you know applies in the tech world as well. The rise of LinkedIn has made networking easier than ever, and having an active, complete, and well-connected LinkedIn profile is not something that is as subject to censure as being caught applying for jobs directly. By keeping your LinkedIn profile well-connected and up to date, you are showing hiring managers that you are interested in offers, without doing anything that makes it look as though you’re being disloyal or actively jumping ship. By letting the work come to you, you take a lot of the pressure and work-load off yourself.

Don’t Lie (Too Much)

Your boss is smart. They know you’ve got an unusually well-updated LinkedIn profile, and they’ve heard through the grapevine that you’re on the hunt. If they ask you straight-up, tell them the truth… or at least some of it. Obviously acknowledge that you’re looking for a new job. They wouldn’t be asking if they didn’t already know. But even if you hate the job, the company, or your boss, don’t say or even hint at it. Talk in terms of career-progression, personal growth, a desire to work in a new city… anything that doesn’t reflect negatively on your current job. You may need a reference from this person, so you cannot afford to burn any bridges.

Think Ahead

Don’t always just think about a new career when you need to: think about it even when you’re comfortable in your current position. Many jobs offer reimbursement for classes: why not take a big data or Android course while you’re at work? You might be comped for it, and it’ll give you skills that are not only great for your current job but will also help you in your search for a new one!


Remember that despite all of the hassle involved, applying for jobs when you already have one makes it much more likely that you’ll succeed. It makes you look much more appealing to any prospective employer, so don’t lose heart! You’re applying from a place of stability, and that makes it easier to handle the rejections you’ll get until you finally get a yes from that dream position!

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