Best Hadoop Resources on the Web

December 22nd, 2011 Leave a comment
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Hadoop is the new word on the market, and everyone wants to leverage it in their enterprise or network. There’s so much information out there about it, however, that finding good resources becomes a challenge: Check out these Hadoop online resources for great sites that will help you know more about Hadoop and learn how to implement it in your applications and networking environment!

1. Yahoo Hadoop Tutorial

Yahoo Hadoop Tutorial

The Yahoo Hadoop tutorial is an awesome place for anyone beginning their Hadoop adventure. It’s a full hadoop tutorial to get you up and running, including Hadoop itself, a virtual machine of a pre-configured Ubuntu install with Hadoop installed and ready to go, and VMWare player so you can run said virtual image. The tutorial is detailed and well-thought out, with modules that let you know where you’re going and what you should be doing. It’s a little dated, but that’s perhaps the only complaint you can leverage against it; it’s great for anyone looking to jump into Hadoop!

2. Apache Hive/Pig

hadoop hive and pig

These two get a dual mention because of their similar ends: Hadoop can be a very confusing thing to navigate and program in, and these two programs look to establish an easy, programming-style interface for Hadoop (Pig with its own declarative language, Hive with SQL-like syntax). Both do a great job of easing the work of creating parallelized jobs, and are definitely worth having for any Hadoop user!

3. Hadoop Core Website

Hadoop Core Website

If you’re looking for incredibly detailed and helpful info, look no further than the Hadoop core website! Created and maintained by Hadoop’s developers, it’s got a ton of information on how Hadoop works and how to use it, including how it interfaces on the user-side and how precisely to set it up, maintain it, and program in it. It’s straight from the source, and definitely a must-look for anyone getting into Hadoop!

4. Cloudera Hadoop

Cloudera Hadoop

Cloudera, a group made up of mostly ex-Google and ex-Yahoo employees, are no strangers when it comes to running and managing huge networks. Proof positive is the Hadoop section of their Cloudera website: it’s a veritable gold mine of information about Hadoop, including tutorials, a pre-configured virtual machine, and example programs. A definitely good spot for anyone looking to grab some info on Hadoop as well as some practical experience!

And there you have it: the top Hadoop resources out there on the web! All of them have something to offer, whether it’s examples, tutorials, or other things that bring a definite value-add to the table. Check out those Hadoop resources and see what they have to offer, and in next to no time you’ll be learning Hadoop and figuring out where it fits in your enterprise or business environment! If you are interested in a more methodical learning, check out our Hadoop training offerings. You’ll love our Hadoop courses!

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