Best Drupal Modules: The Top 5 List

May 13th, 2011 Leave a comment
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Best Drupal Modules

Drupal’s power lies not only in it being a CMS, but in its customizability; you can do just about anything you need beyond Drupal’s core functionality. The downside of that, however, is that there are thousands of modules – how to even begin going about finding the ones you need? Check out this list of handy Drupal modules to help you on your way!

1. CKEditor

CKEditor Drupal Module

CKEditor is the successor to the very popular FCKEditor, and is a must-have for editing Drupal content quickly. It turns the textarea fields in Drupal into a WYSIWYG HTML editor, enabling a great deal of powerful WYSIWYG functions that are normally reserved for more powerful desktop applications. It turns the regular textarea field into a powerful tool, and cuts time on writing your own HTML; simply arrange the content and images how you want them instead of fussing with stylesheets or div tags. Definitely a must for anyone looking to have that kind of power and content control in their individual posts!


reCAPTCHA Drupal Module

While some may hem and haw about the necessity of captchas / their actual ability to deter spammers and bots, I am of the opinion that CAPTCHAS are a very good first step against the wave of bots that threaten any sight. reCAPTCHA is better than most in that regard, and having it on your site will definitely slow down the botters and spammers looking to linkfarm your blog comments or try to sign up thousands of different fake accounts on your message boards!

3. Pathauto

Pathauto Drupal Module

Pathauto is one of those little modules that ends up helping tremendously. Instead of having Drupal’s default and SEO-unfriendly node paths, this little module can replace those paths with SEO-friendly paths based on patterns that you can set and customize. It’s essential for boosting SEO rankings and a must for anyone looking to get their Drupal-based site’s PageRank just that bit higher; in one fell swoop it eliminates the SEO headaches that a Drupal admin could potentially have in their paths.

4. Backup and Migrate

Backup and Migrate Drupal Module

No Drupal site is complete without a database backup solution; unfortunately, often this process is tiresome and difficult, leading to it being abandoned or postponed. Not so with Backup and Migrate; this handy tool allows you to set automatic scheduled backups, and it has a very robust interface that allows for restoring all or part of the database should something catastrophic befall your site. This module, with its automatic backup option, is a must for any Drupal admin!

5. Facebook Connect

Facebook Connect Drupal Module

This entry may cause some ruckus; who wants Facebook’s API tying into their website login? The unfortunate fact of the matter in this day and age, however, is that Facebook integration will make people more likely to interact with your site. It gives your site a measure of community that Facebook users like, and the fact that they can use their Facebook login means they’ll be more likely to log in and comment than if they had to go through the whole process of creating an account.


These are, obviously, only a smattering of the Drupal modules out there; they represent a few that are very welcome additions to Drupal’s core functionality, and as such are a must-have for Drupal admins!

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