Best Android Blogs: Our Top 10 Picks

December 6th, 2011 Leave a comment
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Android Blogs

Android: it’s the big word on the street now. As the world’s most widespread open-source smartphone operating system, it’s naturally the object of some attention from blogs around: some useful, some not quite so much. It can be hard to tell the good blogs from the bad, but that’s what we’re here for. We’ve poked around a bit and kept an eye on a number of Android blogs for the past six months, and here is our pick of the top 10 Android blogs for your consideration. Feel free to add others (through your comments) if you feel we’ve missed something major!

1. AndGeeks


While a great many blogs come and go, AndGeeks is a great blog for all things Android, if only because the stories tend to be a little lighter fare than other blogs: rather than talking about specs and new APIs (though they do occasionally have those stories), these bloggers tend to have lighter stories about quitting smoking with Android, or controlling your TV with Android, or any other number of things that the hardcore blogs wouldn’t even touch. A great way to while away the time, and a great way to learn new things about Android at the same time!

2. Androphones

If the guys from Car Talk made an Android blog, this is what it would look like: it’s all about the hardware here. Price points, rumors, photos, specs, reviews, comparisons, tests- all that and more can be found at Androphones, where it’s not about what’s running but what it’s running on. Definitely worth a look for up-to-the-minute info on new phones, including rumors about phone capabilities and sneak peeks for those of us who live on them!

3. Phandroid

Probably the best-known Android blog, and also maybe one of the most highly-regarded. That reputation is for a reason: Phandroid has long been known as delivering consistent quality news about everything Android. Whether it’s what phones are coming to what handsets or speculation on what new features the next Android iteration will have, you can always expect top-notch discussion and reporting coming out of Phandroid’s blogging team (Not to mention it’s updated multiple times daily, meaning it’ll be fresh whether you read it on the train to work in the morning as well as in that boring department meeting that seems to last all day!)

4. Android And Me

Android and Me is a great mix of information for both programmers and newbies; for that alone, it’s useful for someone lurking about to get a feel for Android programming and what it’s all about. Of particular interest is its section on Android hacks and updates- normally a section reserved for hardcore hackers, they tend to have step-by-steps and posts that are beginner-friendly and help to take some of the fear out of the first time rooting or modding experience. Friendly and informative, and worth a daily check-up or two!

5. Androinica

Androinica sports a jack-of-all-trades atmosphere, much like Phandroid does; here you’ll find reviews, news about upcoming phones, speculation, etc. and so forth. It also sports a fun Apps section, with apps reviewed by the Androinica team along with some quick stats and a handy link to a direct download button if you happen to be browsing on your Android phone. Definitely worth a visit or two throughout the day, and a must if you like quality app reviews written by thoughtful reviewers!

6. Talk Android

Talk Android is another news and reviews site, although this one has a unique twist the others don’t: it tends to focus on US carrier speculation, and you’ll often find news and rumors about whether Verizon or T-Mobile or what-have-you will be getting the latest Android-du-jour. While that might be a bit off-putting to non-US readers, their forums are fantastic and they have plenty of non-US centric blog posts as well, making them a definite contender in the realm of detailed, informative, and top-notch Android blogs that float around out there on the Web!

7. IMAndroid

IMAndroid differs a little from the other blogs in that this one, though also about Android, is more attuned to Android’s open-source nature than the others here: they are more of a blog that concerns themselves with news, apps, and articles that support and solidify Android’s status as an open source mobile operating system as well as advancing the principles of the Android project in general. A great and unique point of view when it comes to Android, and definitely a blog worth looking into for that reason alone- not to mention their wide coverage on apps and carrier news.

8. AndroidTapp

The front page of this one can look a little helter skelter, but don’t let that fool you: AndroidTapp is one of the best sources out there for detailed app reviews. These guys have written tons and tons of reviews for Android apps all across the board, and new ones pop up every day: whether you’re looking for a game to pass the time or a communication app that lets you VOIP through your new SIP provider, chances are these guys have already reviewed several of them and are well-prepared to give you their recommendation on what you should grab off the Android Market!

9. DroidDog

A spinoff/sub-blog of PhoneDog, DroidDog is a blog that’s all about Android, and they are some heavy-hitters: specifically, this blog has a whole bunch of content that’s geared at the hacker / modder hardcore crowd. They provide regular news and content for average users as well, but they don’t shy away from content that might make some people’s heads spin, and for that alone they’re well worth a look if you’re into the meatier side of Android OS development and modding!

10. Android Guys

The name of this blog almost gives away its nature: just a bunch of Android guys, hanging out at the water cooler and shooting the breeze about the latest and greatest in the Android world. One of the bigger blogs out there, they’re very comfortable talking about anything and everything regarding Android: whether it’s Samsung’s latest ad campaign or a post about some new game, it’s casual, entertaining, and approachable content for just about anyone and everyone interested in Android!


And there you have it: our top 10 Android blogs as of this writing! There’s a whole lot of Android content out there, but we’ve picked out what we think is the cream of the crop: the ten Android blogs, each of which has something for everyone, whether they be casual Android users or serious Droidheads!

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