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VenkataHari Shankar is an experienced developer and architect with a rich background in Java, Cloud Computing, Amazon Web Services and Hadoop. His latest project Big-Data uses Hadoop and Hive as its backbone. Venkat is in charge of all aspects of performance tuning and maintenance of Big-Data, which uses Hadoop cluster consisting of hundreds of nodes. He single-handedly handled the successful migration of the Big-Data project into Cloud (Amazon Web Services). VenkataHari holds a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from Anna University, India. He shares his project experience and knowledge in his Cloud Computing Blog regularly.

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Hadoop with Hive

September 19th, 2011 (Guest Blogger)Leave a comment
Hadoop with Hive

Nowadays, there are lots of Hadoop emerging. Indeed, by “Lots of Hadoop”, I mean companies releasing their own versions of Hadoop (e.g. Cloudera) by building a layer over the original Apache Hadoop distribution. We can also call these “customized” versions of Apache Hadoop. But when we think about the core part, it remains the same across different Hadoop flavors. Apache Software Foundation (ASF) focuses on improving Hadoop by bringing many smaller sub-projects under it to facilitate open source tools development around Hadoop. Hive happens to be one of Hadoop’s more prominent child projects. Hive is a data warehouse infrastructure, initially developed… View full post »