LearnComputer Now Offering Technology Webinars and Online IT Training Courses

LearnComputer is now offering technology Webinars to give presenters an easy, affordable way to provide professional computer training online. The company has also expanded its regular course offerings to include “live” online IT training.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (Dec. 31, 2010) – LearnComputer recently launched technology Webinars to give users a convenient, cost-effective solution for presenting training material online. The company also has begun offering its regular computer training courses using an online IT training format that provides expanded access to a variety of topics.

The new technology Webinars from LearnComputer offer a distinctive way for entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporations to meet their computer training needs. The Webinars utilize a unique pricing model that allows presenters to not only choose the topic, but also select the cost per registration. LearnComputer simply provides a “platform” for the event to take place, according to partner Alex Rosenfeld. “We schedule the Webinar, advertise it through our established channels, collect registration fees and offer the means to present the Webinar,” Rosenfeld said. “In exchange, LearnComputer retains a small percentage of the total registration fees collected.”

LearnComputer offers technology Webinars on a variety of topics ranging from an introduction in IT disaster recovery and planning to Drupal, networking and virtualization. The sessions – which run from one to four hours – are taught by industry professionals who are experts in their respective fields. For example, the February 4th IT disaster recovery and planning Webinar will be taught by Richard Muniz, a 15-year veteran in systems administration with experience that includes Windows administration, virtualization, security, disaster planning and recovery, and Cisco routing. The founder of RJM Computer Consulting LLC, Muniz is a former detective and science major with an aptitude for asking questions and finding answers. Muniz has taught computer application courses for FEMA and the Colorado Fire Marshal’s office, as well as online classes for California-based Saisoft Inc.

The technology Webinars from LearnComputer are dynamic and practical training tools that offer presenters a variety of benefits. They are easier and more affordable to present than traditional classes, with registration generally costing below $100. There is no minimum number of registrations required to cover the expenses of the instructor and classroom. So the Webinars are guaranteed to run—even for a single participant. In addition, the Webinars require less time from presenters and participants, making them ideal for professional training.

Beyond facilitating technology Webinars and online IT training, LearnComputer provides a wide range of computer and information technology training services in the areas of computer programming, Web development, database design and networking. The company places specific emphasis on mobile frameworks, such as Android, network technologies, Java programming, HTML5, Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP (LAMP). LearnComputer also serves as a general portal for technical discussions, informative articles, industry news and opinions.

To learn more about the company’s new technology Webinars and online IT training, please visit http://www.learncomputer.com or connect with LearnComputer on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/ittrainers.

About LearnComputer

Launched in 2008, LearnComputer is an information technology company with a distinct mission to provide IT professionals with skills that define today’s Silicon Valley. The company was established by several Silicon Valley IT veterans with extensive expertise in networking, software engineering and Web development. LearnComputer offers premium computer training on the latest software platforms and technologies via Webinars, online IT training and traditional classes at its state-of-the-art facility. The company is based in San Carlos, California.