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LearnComputer LLC was founded in 2008 by Boris Tulman and Michael Dorf, two longtime friends and veterans of the software industry. They met while taking their B.S. at San Francisco State University and later on took on and completed an M.S. in Software Engineering at San Jose State University, looking to hone their skills and become more proficient in their disciplines. While the programs were great, Michael and Boris felt something was lacking: the courses, as good as they were, simply didn’t update fast enough to include the cutting-edge IT skills that workplaces were demanding. They needed something fast, something light, something not as bogged down as an academic curriculum- something that could evolve and stay fresh at the drop of a hat. Given Boris and Michael’s expertise and passion for both learning and teaching, the answer to such a problem seemed clear: in 2008, after much hard work and preparation, LearnComputer was born.

Unlike many other companies, the staff at LearnComputer have a balanced blend of networking, software engineering, and web development backgrounds. We understand that technologies can change, and sometimes a hot skill one month is old news the next! Our goal is to help IT professionals gain the skills that define today’s Silicon Valley and make them both excellent problem-solvers as well as very competitive in the workplace. We provide an extensive range of computer and information technology training services in the areas of computer programming, web development, database design, and networking – with specific emphasis on mobile frameworks, such as Android, large data management (Hadoop), network technologies, Java programming and other open source frameworks and technologies such as PHP, MySQL, Drupal, HTML5, and Apache.

Our classes aren’t simply more of the same theory that you may have received in other courses. In fact, we’ve tried hard to make sure that our courses are as practical as they can be! Too often, courses don’t focus on applying the technologies you’ve learned, but we here at LearnComputer think that’s one of the most valuable skills you can have: as a result, every course relates to everyday problems that are daily encountered in today’s enterprise. Whether it’s MySQL sharding or scaling up Hadoop clusters, we’ve put in a great deal of hard work and research to make sure that our courses will not only teach you the skills you need but show you how to use them to resolve applicable, real-world problems.

LearnComputer is bringing integrity to the computer training industry by delivering courses of high value and by setting impeccable standards in our training solutions. We are highly selective in hiring our instructors, and we spare no expense in making sure they meet our rigorous requirements: When an instructor joins the LearnComputer team, we make sure they’ve had both previous teaching experience and years of prior hands-on experience, meaning they’re well-aware of the current issues and technologies in the field. Their examples, solutions, and techniques are built on a solid foundation of real-world problem solving and practical computing, an invaluable resource that ensures you’re getting a course that will help you prevail when faced with similar problems!

Our clients have always been our top priority, and we are committed to delivering the highest-quality experience in each of the classes we offer. We are passionate learners and passionate teachers, and our ultimate goal is to help others learn the skills they need to do well and succeed in their chosen IT field. In fact, as a token of our commitment, we offer an unconditional satisfaction guarantee on all our classes- that’s how sure we are that you’re going to get what you need from us to succeed!

LearnComputer LLC is a privately-held company based in Redwood City, California.