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CakePHP Installation & Configuration

December 15th, 2010 Leave a comment
CakePHP Installation & Configuration

In the past, we have discussed the importance of application frameworks. Frameworks make it easier to write maintainable code and they also provide a shortcut for rapidly developing new web applications. One of the more popular frameworks for use with PHP is CakePHP. CakePHP is a model-view-controller style framework. Structurally, it has many similarities to Ruby based Ruby on Rails web framework. CakePHP is one of the oldest and most robust and stable PHP frameworks on the market. CakePHP is free and open source. They have a manual called the Cookbook that provides… View full post »

PostgreSQL 9.0 Offers Many New Features

December 10th, 2010 Leave a comment
PostgreSQL 9.0 Offers Many New Features

I’ve always loved PostgreSQL. It is my database of choice these days and I use it with both CakePHP and with the Django framework for Python. PostgreSQL has always had a very robust feature set and was one of the first truly ACID compliant open source databases. With the recent release of version 9, PostgreSQL has added a slew of requested features that truly put it above the rest. The biggest new feature in Postgres 9.0 is streaming replication. As many have noted, third party solutions for this have existed for some time but now there is… View full post »

Best jQuery Plugins for Your Website – Our Top 10 Choices

December 7th, 2010 Leave a comment
Best jQuery Plugins for Your Website - Our Top 10 Choices

Web design, like any type of design, moves through times when certain styles and paradigms are popular. Creating some of the currently popular visual effects can be a difficult task. Added to this challenge are a number of common problems that web developers encounter. Here are 10 jQuery plugins that will help you create stunning visual effects on your web sites and solve many common web application challenges. Google Feed API Plugin One common web development task is to include content from another web site or blog on a page. Often this is done in a sidebar or… View full post »

Apple, Google and Microsoft – Who Will Be Victorious?

December 1st, 2010 Leave a comment
Apple, Google and Microsoft - Who Will Be Victorious?

Recently there as been a lot of news and analysis about the relative positions of Google, Microsoft and Apple in the IT industry. In many ways, it appears that the three companies are bitter rivals and locked in a struggle to dominant the future of computing. The question many people are asking is how will this competition play out? Who will ultimately be left standing when the dust settles? Apple has made a pretty spectacular rise lately. The media really grabbed onto the fact that Apple’s market capitalization recently bypassed Microsoft. There has been a lot… View full post »